SkillsMatch Platform

The SkillsMatch project has developed an online platform to help users to improve their soft skills
SkillsMatch Platform recommends users how to adapt their non-cognitive skills to the market demands

As part of the project, SkillsMatch team has developed a new online training platform with the aim to demonstrate a European-wide assessment and learning, guiding technology to help users to adapt their skill assets to the demands of the labour market focusing on the support of Non-Cognitive Skills (NC). 

The online platform integrates and improves the development of soft skills by providing functionality to enable the assessment and evaluation of such skills and recommending different actions to the users in order to reduce the gap between their skills profile and the one needed for their professional opportunities. Moreover, the SkillsMatch platform offers a variety of open courses to help them to measure and validate their Soft Skills.


Whether you are a job seeker or already have a job, whether you are a recent graduate or have years of work experience, SkillsMatch helps you to assess and strengthen your soft skills, as well as to identify and improve these skills based on your desired occupation. 


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Are you aware of how important soft skills are?

Soft skills matter even more than hard skills when it comes to hiring decisions. Researchers from SkillsMatch project have identified 36 key soft skills that are needed for a successful participation in society and required to get a good job or increase the chances for succeeding in your professional field.

Do you want to know more about open courses?

The SkillsMatch Project and The Open College have collaborated to offer a list of free open courses addressed to SkillsMto improve their soft skills.

A list of 10 courses focused on different soft skills has been prepared.

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