Role in Project:

WP3 and WP6 EUT tasks coordinator

Your team in this project:

I work very closely with Luis Fernandez from UAH in WP3 and Maria Petritsopoulou from eGovlab in WP6.

Why do you like this project?

I have been working in training related tasks, both programme designer as methodology innovator, and I always felt that the personal skills are not properly enough addressed. I started to work with professional coaching companies in innovation projects oriented to development of technologies to develop this personal or “soft” skills. This project is the opportunity to learn and contribute to the development of a social wide NC-skills related improvement tool.  

What are the challenges you will be facing to complete your tasks in this project?

First, is to engage as many people as possible in the different co-creation phases of the project, and at the end to disseminate the results as much as possible to ensure the sustainability of the project.

What do you hope to achieve in this project?

The development of an engaging tool that could help our young people to find better jobs that make next generation happier than the current one.

Previous projects:

Since I am somewhat new in training innovation projects, you will see that most of my past EU funded projects were related to technologies for the entertainment industries: 2020 3D Media, SALERO, 3FLEX, SpeedFX, SCENE, AutoPOST, EuroTransMedia, RACine, iMP, i3Media. I participated as a co-leader in industrial innovation projects related to training technologies. As an example: EcoMedPad, a virtual simulation training system for radiologists, which generated and European patent, and currently under licensing.

My role in these projects has been to be solution designer, project manager and also dissemination leader.

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