Role in Project:

Coordinator and WP5 leader ( System architecture and development)

Why do you like this project?

It always fascinated me how the triangle of Skills, employment and education should match and align to empower citizens to land their right job and continue their knowledge growth.  This is one of the most interesting and at the same time complex matching systems to design and develop.

This project is the continuation of our collaboration with our amazing consortium, which could be enough to motivate me to start any innovation action projects with them. It always gives me the kick that we are shaping the future of Europe.

What do you hope to achieve in this project?

Design and develop a solution to serve societies for capacity building and bridging between industry, academia, and citizens. Increasing employability with the hope that this solution will empower those at risk of social exclusion. And support unemployed people to find the right job.

Previous projects:

Experienced in leading and development of multi-disciplinary, cross-functional European, Sida and Vinnova funded projects.

Selected projects:

2015-2017, Coordinator/Project leader-Change manager, Co-financed by European commission: eSkillsMatch Open Knowledge Technologies: Mapping and validating knowledge; develop and demonstrate a European-wide assessment and learning, guiding technology which will help users to adapt their skill assets to the demands of the labor market focusing on ICT job profiles and digital skills.

2015-2019, Project leader, business developer and lecturer: commissioned education (responsible for courses: Practical project management and Business strategy) Addisco, FLT Norway.

2018, Financial coordinator, InSight & EnLIGHT for a Public Decision Making ECOsystem

This project aims to create a digitalized and user-friendly workflow by integrating and adapting market survey and decision analysis methods.

2013-2014, Project manager and software designer, “We learn it”: designing a collaborative platform, aiming for creativity and innovation in European schools, supporting the interaction for innovation between schools.

2013-2015, Project leader, and coach: “ICT and Pedagogical Development”; International training program targeting 350 decision makers in 12 developing countries.

2014, Team member: “Capacity building at the National University of Rwanda (NUR)”

2013 Data analyst and team member of “MyUniversity”: Decision making for a united higher education. The project vision was to enhance e-democracy and e-participation

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