PILOT 2: Testing in action 

Pilot 2: Testing in action

After having given valuable feedback in the first pilot workshop and having shared their ideas and insights, the participants had been invited to get a first look at the prototype of SkillsMatch platform.

Most important, they will test it and evaluate, enabling the consortium to understand how engaging the prototype is and gather feedback. End-users in each pilot partner country had been presented with a set of design processes and activities (based on the results of WP2, WP3 and WP4), and will share ideas on these prototypes.

Thanks to the participant’s opinions we are working right now on a SkillsMatch platform and e-portfolio closer to your needs!



Pilot 2 Sessions

Ireland Pilot Workshops

The 2nd Irish Pilot was celebrated during the first weeks of November 2019 in Dublin. The sessions were attended by 50 participants and they found the layout of the page very interesting and useful.

“Overall this phase of the pilots was very successful with a lot of rich information from many different backgrounds gathered”.  Lorraine Hennessy – Pilot Leader.

Spain Pilot Workshops

The Spanish Pilot was also organized the first weeks of November in 6 sessions that were attended by 50 participants.

I evaluate the platform positively and I consider that the different sections and functions are well integrated, achieving the objective for which it has been developedAlmudena Muñoz – Pilot Leader

Sweden Pilot Workshops

The 2nd Pilot was held in Sweden on November 4th and was attended by 52 participants.

“From my own perspective of a Pilot leader and a Career advisor with more than seven years’ experience working with immigrants, I appreciate in the platform self-assessment section, soft skills training and the possibility to ask additional validators for a feedback on the soft skills levels in the ePortfolio section”. Maria Hellsén – Pilot Leader

Quotes and suggestions

During the Pilot 2 workshops we have received plenty of interesting quotes from SkillsMatch’s community participants.

 “An application like this will aid people, particularly from disadvantaged backgrounds to gain employment, to improve their circumstances.”

Icons are great!!! 

Love ’em all! Honestly. I would suggest something to engage a bit more the end user. Maybe a smaller pool of skills to begin with that users have to match (as in a memory card game).

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