PILOT 1: Designing Together

Pilot 1: Designing Together

The first set of Pilot activities has been performed in Stockholm, Dublin and Madrid during March 2019. We were overwhelmed by the 178 participants who showed a high level of engagement and enthusiastically attended the sessions and answered all of our questions. 

This Pilot had the objective of understanding the awareness regarding the NC skills of the participants and their current needs according to their career development. Using the project’s Social Innovation methodology and co-creation approach, these sessions provided a deeper understanding of the soft skills issues.

“Thumbs Up” to our Pilot Leaders from Federación de Servicios de CCOO from Spain, the Irish National Organisation for the Unemployed from Ireland and Korta Vägen from Sweden.


Pilot 1 Sessions

Ireland Pilot Workshops

“The 1st Pilot in Ireland was attended by almost 50 people and was expertly facilitated by the Irish National Organisation for the Unemployed. It was very encouraging to see the enthusiastic and positive response from participants to the SkillsMatch platform and what it hopes to achieve in terms of getting people back to work”. Lorraine Hennessy – Pilot Leader 

Spain Pilot Workshops

“The experience in the 1st pilot has been interesting and motivating to continue with the project, it has allowed us to know that there are enough interest and restlessness on the part of the possible users in being able to accede to a platform that evaluates their non-cognitive skills, so much for the search of employment as to maintain it or to improve it”.  Almudena Muñoz Velamazan – Pilot Leader 

Sweden Pilot Workshops

“SkillsMatch is a great opportunity to develop soft skills and competencies and match profiles with up to date requirements on the labour market. I am pleased to be a part of an important social innovation project which is also urgently needed in our society and EU market”.  Maria Hellsén – Pilot Leader

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