SkillsMatch's Pilots

SkillsMatch project will run 3 Pilots in 3 countries in the course of 2 years with the collaboration of our Pilot Leaders, representing organizations that are fighting unemployment in Spain, Sweden and Ireland.

What are the project’s Pilots?


The Project’s Pilots involve end-users coming together with the project team to co-create the SkillsMatch platform. 

The goal of the 3 pilots is to bring together participants and run a one-day workshop and co-creative sessions, to involve them in the development and testing of a tool for assessing soft skills and recommend training resources to improve job prospects. The results of the pilots will help us to build a platform that responds to real needs in a bottom-up approach. An important part of this process is eliciting user requirements, testing prototypes and conducting user research.


SkillsMatch’s Pilots


– PILOT 1: Designing together (March 2019). This Pilot had the objective of understanding the awareness regarding the NC skills of the participants and their current needs in regards of their career development. In these pilot sessions, performed in Stockholm, Dublin and Madrid with a high level of engagement and participation, we have explored what we should and shouldn’t include in the platform and how it can best meet the needs as an end user.

Using the project’s Social Innovation methodology and co-creation approach, this Pilot provided a deeper understanding of the soft skills issues. The 1st Pilot, which helped us defining the platform requirements, was attended by almost 50 people in Ireland, 71 in Spain and 80 in Sweden.

– PILOT 2: Testing in action (November 2019). These pilot sessions had invited the participants to get a first look at an early stage prototype of SkillsMatch platform. Participants have tested and evaluated the prototype in order to help the consortium to understand how engaging the prototype is and gather interesting feedback.

Stockholm, Madrid and Dublin are the three cities that have hosted the last face-to-face meetings of the SkillsMatch community, attended by almost 50 participants in each city.

– PILOT 3: Final test and feedback (April 2020). This was the third and last pilot of the project and had included a final test of a working platform and gathering of your feedback on the overall project. 

SkillsMatch Platform helps you to identify your soft skills!

Take a view to our new explainer videos to find more about it!

What we need from you?

As a participant in the Pilot activities you will help design and develop the SkillsMatch platform by giving your opinion of the platform’s features from an end-user’s perspective.

The Pilot sessions are a face-to-face gathering, where you will take part in a group workshop, so that participants and organizers share ideas and co-create the SkillsMatch platform.

How can you participate?

You can sign up to be part of the SkillsMatch project and your local Pilot Leader will be in touch to discuss how you can become involved and make a contribution to the design and development of the SkillsMatch platform.

To participate to the SkillsMatch project fill in the contact form at the end of the page.

What are the benefits?

As a “thank you” for your participation in the SkillsMatch project you will get access to early versions of the assessment and training platform, and a library of reference and training materials.

What’s more important, is that you will be part of an international group of people interested in career development and in improving the job prospects of those at risk of social exclusion.

Who are the project’s Pilot Leaders?  

The Irish National Organization of the Unemployed (INOU) was founded in 1987 to fight a backdrop of high unemployment, low participation rates, long-term unemployment and mass emigration. The INOU works at local and national levels and has the main purpose to promote potential solutions and to ensure that unemployed people had access to programs, services and reasonable social welfare payments whilst unemployed.
Lorraine Hennessy

Lorraine Hennessy

Training Manager at the Irish National Organization of the Unemployed (INOU)
CCOO Services Spain is a syndicate focused on the sectors of trade, financial, hotel trade, offices, TIC, tourism and administrative services, among others. CCOO Services Spain works in all the country of Spain with the most important companies of the sectors mentioned, with the purpose to offer labour advice, education, negotiation and professional orientation.
Almudena Muñoz

Almudena Muñoz

Technician in Training and Projects Departments at CCOO Services Spain
Stockholm University, ranked among the world’s top 100 universities, was founded in 1878 and is characterised by openness, innovation and collaboration. Stockholm University contributes to the development of knowledge and makes it accessible to everyone thanks to collaboration with others, dialogue and active participation in public debates and the development of society.
Olle Jonsson

Olle Jonsson

External Relations and Communications Officer at University of Stockholm

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