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About SkillsMatch

The SkillsMatch platform will offer users a tool for assessing their soft skills, identifying any strengths and weaknesses in relation to particular occupations they may aspire to. It will then offer a personalized training itinerary to overcome any skill gaps using free Open Education Resources (OER) and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and a portfolio linked to Open Badges, which will provide recognition of the user’s new skills.

What are the project’s Pilots?

The SkillsMatch project pilots involve end-users coming together with the project team to co-create the SkillsMatch platform. For the platform to be effective it’s important to us that those who will be using it are involved in designing and developing it from the beginning.

There will be three project pilots on the SkillsMatch project, each with a slightly different purpose. The first focuses on designing together, and explores what we should and shouldn’t include in the platform and how it can best meet your needs as an end user. The second pilot is about testing in action and is a first look at an early stage prototype and testing of what does and doesn’t appeal to you. The third and last pilot involves a final test and feedback, and will involve a final test of a working platform, and gathering of your feedback on the overall project.

These pilots and the activities involved are designed to gather real feedback from you the end-user during the development of the platform. They will act as evaluation exercises that allow us to improve the system and meet your needs directly.

What we need from you?

As a participant in the Pilot activities you will help design and develop the SkillsMatch platform by giving your opinion of the platforms features from an end-user’s perspective.

The Pilot activities are face to face gatherings where you will take part in a group workshop, so that participants and organizers share ideas and aims, and co-creation of the SkillsMatch platform happens.


How you can participate?

You can sign up to be part of the SkillsMatch project and your local pilot leader will be in touch to discuss how yo can become involved and make a contribution to the design and development of the SkillsMatch platform.

To participate to SkillsMatch project fill in the form below.

WhAT are the benefits?

As a thanks for your participation in the SkillsMatch project you will get access to early versions of the assessment and training platform, and a library of reference and training materials.

What’s more important you will be part of an international group of people interested in career development and improving the job prospects of those at risk of social exclusion.


Join our Pilot!

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Interest in the project

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Pilots activities in Ireland will be performed in Dublin

There will be 3 pilot workshops:

Pilot 1 – Design together: March 2019
Pilot 2 – Testing in action: July 2019
Pilot 3 – Final test and feedback: November 2019