Role in Project:

Task leader on T4.1, part of Work Package 4, Measurement, validation and credentialization; Work Package 7 leader, Evaluation and Sustainability;

Your team in this project:

I collaborate with two teams on the project, as my work involves two distinct work packages. On T4.1 I work closely with WP4 leader Lorenza Leita from Fondazione Politecnico Di Milano (Italy), and also Mary Cleary from DMC Metrix (Ireland), and Luis Fernandez-Sanz from the University of Alcala (Spain).

As Work Package 7 leader I also have the opportunity to work alongside Myrsini Glynos from Stockholm University (Sweden), who is involved in exploitation and sustainability task, and also Mary Cleary from DMC Metric (Ireland).

Why do you like this project?

I’m interested in the concept of driving social change through education, and the recognition of skills gained outside formal education settings. This is an important factor in enabling the social inclusion of those who may not have been able to access formal educational opportunities but aspire to improve their career opportunities.

What are the challenges you will be facing to complete your tasks in this project?

A key challenge is the engagement of the target research population and facilitating their input in a way that respects their rights and integrity. Working with a vulnerable population is always challenging and it will be important during co-creation elements of the project to follow a protocol that is both ethical and inclusive.

What do you hope to achieve in this project?

To create an online platform that will empower those at risk of social exclusion, and have their skills and competencies recognized by potential employers.

Previous projects:

My role on previous projects has been as project lead for Irish partners working in the field of inclusive education and social inclusion. This has involved working across a number of different EU funded programmes including Horizon 2020, Justice Programme, and Erasmus+. These projects have included –Horizon 2020 – DEVELOP,Justice programme – SAFER, Erasmus+ – HOPEs, SUCCESS, ALSo, iTIDE, EAGLES, etc.

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