New deliverable on Measurement, Validation and Credentialization of Non Cognitive Skills

The focus of deliverable 4.1 was the measurement, validation, and credentialization of Non Cognitive Skills (NC Skills).

NC skills are those skills which do not require cognition, and can include interpersonal skills, and non-verbal communication. The research team investigated state of the art methods, tools, and technologies for each area of NC skills, and recommended a specific approach for each. These recommendations are intended to form the basis of the subsequent task of designing the solution for bridging the gap between existing technologies and methods for the validation of NC skills.

Some of the challenges around measuring NC skills were explored, and a range of assessment options such as transcripts, personal statements, multi-rater assessment, and self-assessment, were reviewed. Based on the requirements of the SkillsMatch project and state-of-the-art approaches to assessment, the recommendation is to use self-assessment for the measurement of NC Skills. The report also recommends using self-assessment approaches that are valid, reliable, and reduce the cultural effects on the recommended assessment approach.

State-of-the-art methods to assess the quality of each learning intervention were also explored, as the ability to assess the quality of each learning intervention is critical for the validity of the recommender module in the SkillsMatch platform. Learning interventions from Gagne and Kirkpatrick were also explored, and the research team propose a compact and novel approach – the Questionnaire for Professional Training Evaluation, to assess the quality of learning interventions.

The report also examined how users of the system might validate and certify their attainment of NC skills. The suitability of a variety of credentialization systems such as e-portfolios and open badges were considered and recommended. The use of blockchain technology to achieve an appropriate level of trust for the credentials provided was also explored, although the resourcing required to implement a blockchain component was outside the requirements of the SkillsMatch platform.

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