Role in Project:

Task Leader for sustainability in WP7

Your team in this project:

I work with Paul O’Raw (TCD) to outline a robust sustainability and exploitation strategy. I have also worked with Maria Petritsopoulou (SU) and Santi Fort (EUT) in drawing out the Social Innovation strategy which has crossovers with sustainability planning.

Why do you like this project?  

It has potential to inspire people and help them believe in their soft skills whether these are about leadership or communication. Everyone can be a good leader with the right training!

What are the challenges you will be facing to complete your tasks in this project?

I see two challenges. The first is to make sure that there is a place and need for such a tool in the market today. The second is to avoid building a tool that will mislead people and direct them to the wrong profession or learning path.

What do you hope to achieve in this project?

My vision is to be part of a project and team that will make a good impact in helping people believe in their soft skills.

Previous projects:

eSkillsMatch (WP leader for Evaluation), CISMOB (Project manager), UPSIDE (Project manager), ICT4YOUTHWORK (Project manager)

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