Final test and feedback

Hello and welcome to the 3rd and final pilot of the SkillsMatch project.


We have been through this journey together and you have been of tremendous help from the very beginning stage of designing the platform through to this the final stage of testing. This platform wouldn’t have been possible without your contribution and we sincerely thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


BTW, we are really sad we couldn’t meet you this time in person, we tried our best to transfer this 3rd pilot workshop to an online one. We wish all of us soon to be out of this abnormal and sad situation the whole of humanity is facing.

Are you new to SkillsMatch?

If you are unfamiliar with the SkillsMatch project please take some time to read a full description, which will give you more information about the project and how the information you provide will be processed.

The aim of this pilot

We took your feedback from the previous pilot workshops and tried our best to apply your suggestions to the final version. We also created additional sections with more features that you were not able to see or access before.

Our aim for this pilot workshop is to assess the final version of the platform and see if it’s successful in meeting your needs. We would like you to jump right in and start exploring the different sections of the platform, interact with the features and then share with us how you felt about using the platform. To further enhance our Skillsmatch project and make use of mobile technology, we also created a prototype for an app to complement the project. As mentioned, this is just in the prototype design phase (which we also call wireframes) but we would appreciate your opinion on the look and feel of the app.

We have structured this pilot workshop into 2 sections, the first to assess the final version of the platform and the second to look at and assess the new app..

  1. Platform usability
  2. Explore the app prototype

Platform usability instructions

Familiarised yourself with the platform and then try and accomplish the following tasks.


Locate occupations you are interested in


Assess some soft-skills


Explore the results section


Retake an assessment that you already have partially assessed


Visit the ePortfolio and add experiences and education


Ask for validation of your skills in the ePortfolio section


Access the training section and explore the courses on offer

Feel free to explore and visit any of the sections you like in any order you like.

Once you have completed all the above tasks return here and click the button below.

App instructions

You will be landing on a mobile phone simulation environment. The screens you will see are only images but you can navigate by swiping from right to left.

Please follow the instructions as described in the questionnaire, and answer all the questions as best you can.

What happens next?

At the very end of both the Platform questionnaire and the App questionnaire, you will be asked to provide your name and a valid email address. By completing both the Platform and App questionnaires you will be eligible to receive a gift card as a thank you from the SkillsMatch team for taking part in this online pilot of the system, and we will be in touch to arrange delivery to you.

Please ensure you have completed both questionnaires in full by Friday the 10th of April, 2020, to be eligible to receive your gift card.

The feedback you provide will help us to further enhance the platform and to meet the needs of those who will be using this platform in the future to increase their employability by building their soft skills.

Thank you from the SkillsMatch team 🙂

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