SkillsMatch reports

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Project deliverables

In this section you will find the project deliverables. There are live documents available here in its latest publishable version.

D4.1 Measurement Validation and Credentialization

The focus of deliverable 4.1 was the measurement, validation, and credentialization of Non Cognitive Skills (NC Skills). NC skills are those skills which do not require cognition, and can include interpersonal skills, and non-verbal communication. The research team investigated state of the art methods, tools, and technologies for each area of NC skills, and recommended a specific approach for each.

D7.1 Monitoring & Evaluation Plan and focus group creation and tasks

The purpose of deliverable 7.1 was to describe the monitoring and evaluation plan and methodology of the SkillsMatch project. The plan outlines the methodology and instruments for evaluating the progress and success of the project, the strategy to monitor and evaluate the project workflow, and the SkillsMatch project KPIs and outcomes.

Reports and other documents

In this section you will find reports and other informative documents

Research brief: Developing a coherent and updated Non-Cognitive Skills Framework

The developed NCSF, Non-Cognitive Skills Framework, has provided a solid foundation for the analysis of supply and demand of NCS. The specific intended results were the determination of the relevance of each NCS as recommendation for employment in each occupation and the detection of availability of learning resources such as MOOC or OER for developing each of them. This information is essential for feeding the final system for users.

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