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In this section you will find theoretical resources related to NC skills

Effects of Learning Skills Interventions on Student Learning: A Meta-Analysis

The aim of this review is to identify features of study skills interventions that are likely to lead to success. Via a meta-analysis we examine 51 studies in which interventions aimed to enhance student learning by improving student use of either one or a combination of learning or study skills.

Fostering and Measuring Skills: Improving Cognitive and Non-Cognitive Skills to Promote Lifetime Success r Title Goes Here

This paper reviews the recent literature on measuring and boosting cognitive and non-cognitive skills. The literature establishes that achievement tests do not adequately capture character skills: personality traits, goals, motivations, and preferences that are valued in the labor market, in school, and in many other domains.

Graduate Employability, ‘Soft Skills’ Versus ‘Hard’ Business Knowledge: A European Study

This paper analyses graduate and employer perspectives of graduate employability in four European countries (UK, Austria, Slovenia and Romania). In doing so it adds to current debates in this area.

Executive Perceptions of the Top 10 Soft Skills Needed in Today’s Workplace

This study identified the top 10 soft skills as perceived the most important by
business executives: integrity, communication, courtesy, responsibility, social skills,
positive attitude, professionalism, flexibility, teamwork, and work ethic.


In this section you will find technical resources related to NC skills

How to implement the ATS2020 learning model in your school and your classroom

The ATS2020 toolkit aims to guide school leaders and teachers towards the implementation of the ATS2020 learning model in their schools with their students. It provides some general guidelines, along with step by step implementation suggestions. At the same time, it provides references to resources and tools that support the implementation, as well as examples and tips for good practice.

Competences for democratic culture

This documentation will be addressed to educational practitioners and policy makers, and will provide a less technical description of the current competence model. It will also explain how the model and the descriptors can be used to assist curriculum design, pedagogical design and the development of new forms of assessment.

Senior cycle. Key Skills Framework.

A framework of key skills has been developed as part of the curriculum and teaching and learning
at senior cycle. In addition, these skills support the development and enhancement of the basic skills of literacy and numeracy which are crucial for learners to access the curriculum and for their future life chances.

Educational / informative

In this section you will find courses related to NC skills

Personality Types at Work

Knowing yourself, your team, your manager, and your organization are keys to personal and business success. What were once labeled soft skills are now modern requirements in today’s workplace – especially if you are trying to get in the door or are already leading a team.

Leadership and influence

Listening and being sure of your values underpins everything that comes with professional influencer and leadership soft skills. We’ll go on to look at self-assessment and leadership planning, negotiation, addressing and resolving conflict, and successfully identifying and promoting circumstances you want.

Shaping your profesional brand

Skill-building in this course will include asking questions, listening, developing likeability (you’d better be stellar if you’re difficult), identifying cognitive bias, apologizing, receiving apologies, and the basics of whistleblowing.

Communication skills and teamwork

Effective writing and presentation skills are essential for career success. Learn how to create and deliver high-impact communications, improve your soft skills, and effectively lead and collaborate on teams.

Video: Memories from Skills Match co creation workshop Dec 2018

The first co-creation workshop took place in Stockholm, eGovlab premises in the DSV Stockholm University. Participants were the consortium, our group of experts and the pilot leaders.

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