Short description of D7.1: Monitoring and evaluation

 The purpose of deliverable 7.1 was to describe the monitoring and evaluation plan and methodology of the SkillsMatch project. The plan outlines the methodology and instruments for evaluating the progress and success of the project, the strategy to monitor and evaluate the project workflow, and the SkillsMatch project KPIs and outcomes.

The rationale and methodology used in the monitoring and evaluation of all aspects of the project are described. This includes the project’s innovative co-creation methodology, where end-users, and stakeholders working in employment and migration are actively involved in creating the features of the platform. The advantage of taking this approach was that the platform meets the actual needs of the target population and be matched to their abilities and expectations around the features of the SkillsMatch platform.

The framework for monitoring and evaluating the project is also defined, and outlines the domains for evaluation, including project management, dissemination and stakeholder engagement, technical implementation and user experience, and most importantly the impact and outcome of the project. Appropriate monitoring and evaluation tools for each of these domains are also explored and involve a large input from the end-user through co-creation workshops and pilot workshops. The framework also involves the creation of the project KPIs and the areas of ongoing performance monitoring.

The other important aspect of the project explored in this deliverable is the area of ethics and privacy. The code of conduct for the project is defined in addition to recommendations around the gathering and preparation of data and issues related to the GDPR. As part of the ethical conduct of the project an overview of the specific risks identified in the Quality Assurance plan is described as well as the strategies that will be employed to mitigate these risks.


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