Short description of D5.1 & D5.2 & D5.4a Requirement elicitation and System design including Software components

(Live Requirement document due to agile methodology)

This document presents requirement elicitation and system designs and also the defined
software components for the SkillsMatch technical platform, according to the business cases
defined in co-creation sessions. The requirements elicitation is conducted with the stakeholders
of the project (internal and external).

The report is a deliverable of the Work Package (WP) 5 “Design and implementation of the
system prototype”. The objective of WP 5 is to gather end-user’s requirements for the system,
define software architecture and specifications, as well as to develop the SkillsMatch software

The requirements were defined in several iterations, starting with the documentation of
partners and experts’ expectations during the kick-off meeting in Stockholm. Requirement
elicitation was conducted in a workshop during first co-creation meeting in Stockholm.
Validating the defined requirements and extracting new requirements were carried out in
project pilots in 3 different countries, Sweden, Spain, and Ireland. Furthermore, the
requirements were discussed, refined and updated in a co-creation workshop held in Dublin.
An overview of the theories and methods applied for requirements elicitation is also presented
as apart of this report.

The document further describes the architecture according to the defined requirements. The
architecture describes the planned modules of the environment, as used both in the design time
and runtime. The architectural design is used to guide the implementation work, which evolves
as the project progresses. The functionality of the platform built upon the architecture as well
as the chosen data storage structure are explained briefly.
In this deliverable, three types of the Unified Modeling Language (UML), i.e., Use Case,
information flow and activity diagrams are used to communicate and visualize the design of the
system among project experts.

The document concludes with the interface design and software components that have been
developed or planned for the second year.

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