Researches from UAH, leaded by Luis Fernandez Sanz, developed this report a result of the task “Evaluation and Analysis of available frameworks on NC skills”. This task was aimed at evaluating and analyzing the EU and Global skills frameworks which address Non-Cognitive skills (NCS) to catalogue and define a canonical set of NCS with their descriptions and equivalences which will serve as reference for the further steps of development of the project. This set of NCS will be structured in the shape of a framework, named as NCSF (Non-Cognitive Skills Framework).

The analysis considers the recently published EU labour classification on skills, competences and occupations (ESCO) as the main European reference to ensure a European-wide adoption as well as a support for sustainability and applicability in all European countries. ESCO provides formal definitions and synonyms for each skill in all the EU languages so our framework will try to link as much as possible the proposal to ESCO items, thus benefiting from the value of its information in the different EU languages. As the list of NCS in ESCO seems to be not totally practical and their underlying reasoning and foundations have not been fully recovered, the framework will require a reasoned and justified model of skills inspired in the commonest set of NCS proposed and validated by the most relevant EU and global references. Thus, very important additional contributions coming from other very relevant references (both European and Global) have been analyzed and compared to generate the mentioned canonical set of NC Skills which is structured as a general framework of NCS.

This framework formally defines the essential concepts and describes all the elements needed for further applicability of this foundational basis during the rest of the project. This report will also show the map to other related relevant references (mainly ESCO as the most relevant EU reference) to ensure applicability to a wide range of situations with different terminologies or organizational cultures. In WP3, this set of NC skills will be connected as desirable requirements to occupations according to existing reports, frameworks and quantitative analysis.

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