SkillsMatch helps you identify your skills (Soft skills) and recommends online courses to improve them

With the change in the European labor market and the increase in qualified employees, human resources professionals are looking beyond knowledge and demanding more in social skills. Our goal is to improve the training of people regardless of their background and provide greater market access.
The project develops a prototype to recommend to the users how to adapt their non-cognitive skills to the demands of the market
SkillsMatch’s project aims to develop and demonstrate a European-wide assessment and learning, guiding technology to help users to adapt their skill assets to the demands of the labour market focusing on the support of Non-Cognitive Skills (NC).

The online platform proposed by the project integrates and improves the development of NC skills by providing functionality to enable the assessment and evaluation of such skills and recommending user’s actions for bridging the gap between their skills profile and the one recommended for their target occupations. Moreover, the solution provides options for measuring NC skills development linked to open badges to provide recognition of the new learning and skills.


  • Identify non-cognitive skills and develop a framework for training.
  • Develop a prototype with tailored learning roadmaps for non-cognitive skills for different occupations.
  • Test and validate the prototype at EU level taking into account cultural indicators.
  • Provide tools to improve youth employability and help citizens at risk of exclusion.


Seven partners joined forces in this project with extensive expertise in co-creation, skills frameworks and tech innovation: eGovlab Stockholm University (Sweden), Fundació Eurecat (Spain), DMC Metrix (Ireland), Universidad de Alcalá (Spain), Everis (Spain), Fondazione Politecnico di Milano (Italy) and Trinity College Dublin (Ireland).

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SkillsMatch project collaborates with Open College training provider

It has been a great opportunity to work with likeminded innovative European organisations, share knowledge and co-create an innovative programme which helps further develop the field of soft skills study.
Oxana Martynova

Quality Assurance & Certification Manager, The Open College

SkillsMatch courses, which have been completed and delivered through the colleges online platforms, are really easily accessible and easy to use for people of varying technological competences.
Adrian Reen

Educational Technologist, The Open College

Are you aware of how important soft skills are?

Soft Skills matter even more than hard skills when it comes to hiring decisions.

Researchers from SkillsMatch project have identified 36 key soft skills that are needed for a successful participation in the society and recquired to get a good job.

What are SkillsMatch's pilots?

The Project’s Pilots involve end-users coming together with the project team to co-create the SkillsMatch platform.

Stockholm, Madrid and Dublin are the three European cities that have hosted the two project pilots celebrated. We are almost ready for our 3rd and last Pilot!

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