Role in Project:

Swedish Pilot Leader

Why do you like this project?

In my opinion SkillsMatch is coming at the right time! Globalization and local conflicts make people nowadays to change countries and continents easier. To adapt competences to a new working environment is a challenge to anyone in spite of role in an organization. Work in cross-cultural environments needed a good understanding and acceptance of difference in human behavior in various working situations like communication and decision making. This kind of knowledge and understanding are usually collected by people through working experience and observation in a new environment. Which sometimes takes years to obtain!

 SkillsMatch makes the latest research on non-cognitive skills and possibility to learn more about soft skills available for all the groups in our society which is a huge step in increasing employment numbers in EU. The right level of NC skills make an unemployment person more attractive on the job market which is the main goal of the project! Also the availability of the information about NC skills will lead to more competent employees, more collaborative teams and more efficient organizations. 

What are the challenges you will be facing to complete your tasks in this project?

There is a great interest from the end users to see the platform in use as soon as possible. The interest is especially high among immigrants who want to increase their chances to get a similar jobs in Sweden as they had before they moved to the EU. The challenge I see in the Project is to make the end users to understand the complexity of NC skills. To make the platform equally attractive to different groups in our society and different unemployment groups is a challenging task indeed!

What do you hope to achieve in this project?

I really hope to see an instrument which is highly used from both sides – potential employees and hiring managers, so that the definitions of NC skills will be “the common language” for the both parties. I hope that platform will help both individuals with their competence development and hiring managers with decision making focusing on the candidates potential.

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