Seven partners joined forces in this project with extensive expertise in co-creation, skills frameworks and tech innovation: eGovlab Stockholm University (Sweden), Eurecat (Spain), DMC Metrix (Ireland), Universidad de Alcalá (Spain), Everis (Spain), Fondazione Politecnico di Milano (Italy) and Trinity College Dublin (Ireland).

eGovlab – Stockholm University 

eGovlab is a research centre at Stockholm University, Sweden that operates on a simple assumption: that good Governance based on transparency, efficiency, collective decision-making and co-creation can improve services to citizens and boost economic performance in Sweden, the Nordics and the European Union at large. The eGovlab constitutes a community of researchers who conduct their research projects into consortia funded by grants and/or corporate sponsors.

Eurecat (EUT)

Eurecat is the leading Technology Centre in Catalonia, and the second largest private research organization in Southern Europe. With headquarters in Barcelona (Spain), the centre is the result of the merging process of the main Catalan Technology Centres, a process which started in 2015 and is still ongoing. Eurecat is currently participating in more than 70 EU funded collaborative projects, mainly in the Horizon 2020 Programme. It is also a strong player in the various R&D programmes sponsored by the Spanish and Catalan administrations with more than 160 ongoing projects. Technology transfer is another essential activity in Eurecat, with 36 international patents and 9 technology-based companies (eight in Spain and one in Latin America) started-up from the centre.


DMC-Metrix was founded in 2015 as a company with IT, software and education expertise to specialise in software systems for education, with a focus on interactive e-learning content development and deployment. The main activities of the company cover systems development and support for training and certification within the formal education system, offering support to the implementation of online learning systems, as well as assessment and testing for students of all ages. Professional development and preparation of students for the workplace is an important component, and the company is a partner in the Irish Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition. Its staff has extensive experience of framework development, having had an active part in the conversion of the e-Competence Framework to a European Standard, and managing the appointment of the expert group to update the CEN ICT Job Profiles.

University of Alcala (UAH)

University of Alcalá (UAH) was founded in 1499 and is one of the oldest universities in Spain. Today it is a modern institution which offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes and covering all fields of knowledge. The IT technology and engineering branch is covered by the Department of Computer Sciences (Departamento de Ciencias de la Computación) which is in charge of Doctoral programs in Informatics as well as several postgraduate and master programs in different specialization areas. It also supports a high number of R&D, innovation and VET projects funded both by regional, national and international (European) authorities and by direct contracts with companies, trade unions and chambers of commerce.


Everis is a multi-national consulting company offering business development and strategy, technological applications maintenance and outsourcing solutions. Our consulting firm works in the banking, energy and utilities, financial, industrial, insurance, media, public administration, healthcare and telecommunications sectors. Currently, Everis group has operations in several European and Latin American countries, United States and a professional staff of more than 18,000 consultants. Thanks to our office in Brussels, everis is able to deliver the most innovative solutions and maintain easy communications channels with European customers.

Fondazione Politecnico Di Milano (FPM)

FPM started its work on European eSkills about ten years ago by participating in the European eSkills Forum, leading a survey on the Skills for eGovernment, working at the European e-Competence framework (e-CF) in the CEN Workshop on ICT Skills since 2004 and being the methodological leader of the several CWAs on the e-CF development.

Trinity College Dublin (TCD)

Founded in 1592, Trinity College Dublin is the oldest university in Ireland and one of the older universities of Western Europe. Trinity is recognised internationally as Ireland’s premier university and was ranked 88th in the QS World University Rankings 2017/18. Trinity College Dublin offers a unique educational experience across a range of disciplines in the arts, humanities, engineering, science and human, social and health sciences. Trinity’s School of Computer Science and Statistics (SCSS) was established in 2005 through the union of the Department of Statistics and the Department of Computer Science. It is one of the largest computer science departments in Ireland and the UK, with over 60 academic staff and almost 230 full-time postgraduate students


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