Sweden Designs Together - First Pilot Workshop

The 1st pilot in Sweden was organised last April:

“Developing a digital platform to raise the importance of evaluation of Soft skills is a step forward to a more sustainable labour market. To launch and lead the first phase of the pilot has been a great opportunity to meet international professionals and know more about their needs. I hope that Skillsmatch will be one of the solutions to match the employers and job seekers by standardizing a way to evaluate NC-skills.”

Aida Faiz- Pilot Leader

“SkillsMatch is a great opportunity to develop soft skills and competencies and match profiles with up to date requirements on the labour market. I am pleased to be a part of an important social innovation project which is also urgently needed in our society and EU market.”

Maria Hellsén – Pilot Leader

El proyecto SkillsMatch esta cofinanciado por la Dirección General de la Comisión Europea para Redes de Comunicación, Contenido y Tecnología (DG CONNECT), Unidad de Tecnologías Interactivas, en virtud del acuerdo de subvención n. LC-00822001 (OKT2017).

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